SASA provides the vision, leadership and professional management resources necessary to assure the best outcomes for SUNY campuses, and customers alike.


SASA’s Impact on SUNY Campuses Statewide

The State Auxiliaries Services Association (SASA) is made up of over two dozen 501c3 non-profit corporations serving the campuses of the State University New York (SUNY) – representing both four year and community colleges. These are commonly referred to as Auxiliary Services Corporations (ASC).

The SASA organization is the important network, support and resource that supports auxiliaries as we provide these mission critical services on our campuses throughout the SUNY system. Each auxiliary has a contract with their host campus, and the Board of Directors for each corporation is composed of students, faculty, and staff – giving the ASC independence while honoring their relationship to the campus.

These organizations provide auxiliary services to SUNY campuses ranging from dining services, bookstores, laundry services, child care programs to an equine testing center. The responsibility of the auxiliary organization to a university campus is to devise ways and means of leveraging resources to create superior services and complimentary revenue generating opportunities. Each year we have worked diligently to ensure that our complex network of auxiliary units are functioning successfully and showing growth with the goal of meeting or exceeding revenue and university contribution targets, and the needs of our students and University community.


Auxiliaries offer a mix of SERVICES and programs to support the quality of campus-life such as dining, bookstore, ID card, laundry, banking, vending, parking, child care etc.


As separately organized legal, non-profit entities, auxiliaries are able to provide ASSISTANCE and funding not normally furnished by the state budget to their perspective campuses, including grants, scholarships, real estate transactions and construction etc.


Auxiliaries are SELF-SUPPORTING. They have an agreement with SUNY Central and contracts with each university outlining their functions and responsibilities. Auxiliaries’ activities and affairs are conducted under the direction of governing boards, and they work cooperatively with the Chancellor’s Office to integrate their operations with the campus community. They are subject to New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation Law and SUNY policies/regulations.


As separate entities, auxiliaries can more easily and swiftly be ADAPTIVE to the changing nonacademic-related needs of students, faculty and staff. This allows the universities to more wholly focus on academics and student success by receiving them of the burden of the other commitments necessary for quality campus life.

For over 60 years, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC)’s has supported SUNY Morrisville by providing programs that support the students, the campus, and extended communities through strategic business partnerships and community involvement, with the intent to enhance the students’ overall college experience.

MAC offers some of the most diverse, non-academic programs & services of any auxiliary, ranging from traditional services like dining, retail operations, and transportation, to more unique services like managing the campus’ ice rinks, two apartment-style housing complexes, and the college’s equine operations, among others. Due to the nature and versatility of our programs, we are able to reinforce Morrisville’s hands-on learning approach by offering our facilities as living learning laboratories. Students are able to begin crafting exciting careers through real-world experiences in environments that we facilitate.

SUNY Morrisville is located in the center of New York State, in a very small, rural town. We recognize the role we, and the college, play in the vibrancy of our wonderful community. We continue to buy from and partner with numerous local vendors, especially in our dining operations, to support our economy, and much of our staff consist of local community members. We understand that a strong off-campus community supports the overall student experience as much our on-campus offerings.

In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, MAC proudly supported SUNY Morrisville with over $1.1 million in campus support, either in-kind or monetarily.

– Jennie Bowden, Executive Director, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation at SUNY Morrisville